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This site has been established to offer support to pupils following a GCSE course that incorporates the SHP development study in medicine through time.

Notes on the site are intended to summarise key points and issues raised across the various specifications; provide resources of interest to both pupils and teachers and to offer a range of practical suggestions about revision, tackling different kinds of questions and ways in which the course can be delivered most effectively.

The site is maintained by Dan Moorhouse. Apart from being a full time teacher who delivers this course, Dan is co-author of the SHP Dynamic Learning range on the history of medicine and is a regular provider of inset at the Schools History Project conference. He is also a member of the Historical Association's Secondary Committee, with a role that concentrates largely upon the use of new and emerging technologies in the classroom.

Updates to the content of the site will now be at reasonably regular intervals. Initially the priority will be providing my pupils with the basic narrative. Following on from this will be a series of resources for use in the classroom, revision materials and some interactive features.

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