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A Dummies Guide to Medicine

A simple introductory 'Dummies Guide' to each period, concept and personality is planned for the site. They will be written with a total beginner in mind but will cover the most important elements of each area in a way that would hopefully make them suitable for last minute panicked revision!

Below is the schedule for the Dummies Guides with links to the ones that are already live. I am deliberately posting these onto the Blog in order to allow and invite comments and questions from students. Your posts there are moderated so might not appear immediately.

Note: Publication dates removed due to problems I've had with the blog. They'll come as fast as I can manage to write them. My students be warned, you will be writing some of these yourselves...

Dummies Guide  
Ancient Egypt Live
Ancient Greece Live
Medicine in the Roman Empire Live
Medicine in the Middle Ages Live
Medicine in the Renaissance Live
A Revolution in Surgery Live
Public Health in the Industrial Revolution Live
The Fight against Infectious Disease Live
Liberal Reforms Live
The NHS Live
Twentieth Century technology Live
Continuity and Change Live
The Role of War Live
The Role of Government Live
Nursing and hospitals Live
Healing at home - herbal remedies and popular 'common' cures Live
Antibiotics Live
An A-Z of deadly diseases  
Hippocrates Live
Galen Being prepared by Lucy, a pupil at Park Lane High School.
Pasteur Being prepared by Ciaran, a pupil at Park Lane High School.
Others to follow depending on the popularity and level of success of the above and workload in the run up to exams! Feel free to comment / ask for alternatives / different dates of publication (I've got a few 'in the bank' the rest can go live in any order people want them).  





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