GCSE Revision (SHP)

Revision activities for Medicine through time

These revision resources are online tools aimed at helping learners revise for a GCSE in History following the SHP (Medicine Through Time) option. They develop your knowledge of key aspects of the course and help pupils to improve their recall of key facts from the GCSE History syllabus. The revision activities are listed in chronological order with tasks aimed at themes and factors listed separately.

Wound Man

Revise Medieval Medicine

Medieval Knowledge about the body and disease.
Medieval methods of diagnosis and treatment.
Medieval doctors.
Medicine in the Middle Ages. Notes and self test
Online lesson about the Black Death.
Interactive Diagram showing the spread of the Black Death.

revise medicine in the renaissance

Revise Medicine in the Renaissance

Online lesson about medicine in the Renaissance.
Understanding of the body and disease in the Renaissance.
Medicine in the Renaissance. Notes and self test.
Methods of diagnosis and treatment in the Renaissance.
Doctors in the Renaissance.
Public Health and the Great Plague.

Cholera Teaching Resource

Medicine in the Industrial Revolution

Medicine in the Industrial Revolution. Notes and self test.
Sickton. Visit this imaginary town in 1861 and see what conditions were like.
Online lesson about Edward Jenner.
Edward Jenner and vaccination. Notes and self test.
Online lesson about Louis Pasteur.
Online lesson about Robert Koch.
Doctors in the 19th century.
Methods of diagnosis and treatment in the 19th century.
Knowledge about the body and disease in the 19th century.

Revise Medicine in the Twentieth Century

Knowledge about the body and disease in the 20th century.
Military medicine through time. An interactive from PBS.
Online lesson about the discovery of penicillin.
Penicillin: the first antibiotic. Notes and self test.
Interactive exercises on the origins of the NHS.
The Human Genome Project. Notes and self test.
Methods of diagnosis and treatment in the 20th century.
X-Rays and their uses. Notes and self test.
The development of modern medicine. Notes and self test.
Doctors in the 20th century.
Medicine in the twentieth century. Notes and self test.

Revision for Medicine Through Time

Listen to Audio Guides

There are many sites where audio files can be accessed that offer guidance and tips on GCSE courses. Many of these are quite expensive, others are simply inaccurate. As such we will only promote audio files that are available from sources where we know that the content is checked. If you have any additions that we can add, please contact us to help other people revise more effectively.

The BBC website hosts a series of audio files on many aspects of the various possible GCSE History courses. For medicine through time there are eight podcasts. They can be downloaded as a zip file, listened to online and the script for each can be accessed and printed out for annotation.

Andallthat.co.uk has a short list of recommended podcasts. They are currently on medicine in the Ancient World but the content is such that it was hugely influential into and beyond the medieval era.