Teachers’ Resources on the History of Medicine

Teachers resources

Our teachers resources for Medicine Through Time. Sorted in chronological order with general lesson materials added at the foot of the list. Tasks include packs of starter activities, online lessons, worksheets and audio-visual resources. Where possible the resources make use of artwork that is pertinent to the study of medicine through time. Our learning materials are generally speaking hosted on the TES Resources website. There is a combination of free and premium resources. New resources are being added regularly and we welcome requests.

Forthcoming resources include:

The Development of Surgery
Paul Ehrlich and the invention of Chemotherapy
Chasing King Cholera: John Snow and the Broad Street Pump

Medicine Through Time Teachers’ Resources

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Recommended external teaching resources

Audio-visual materials that I have come across or use are listed on this page.

Galen’s influence (Online lesson, requires flash) External link to a very
good online lesson hosted on historystuff.co.uk

Public Health and housing. (Online activities, external link) An excellent
series of 5 source based tasks created by the Manuscripts and specials
collections team at the University of Nottingham.

Public Health / Industrial Revolution. (Online activities, exteral link)
A series of online activities provided by Mr Walker on educationforum.co.uk.

Florence Nightingale - Teachers' Resources about medicine through time
Florence Nightingale

Developments in Surgery. (MS Word) An introductory activity on surgery asking pupils
to think about the problems faced by surgeons at the time and the methods
of dealing with them that were available at the time.

Surgery in the 19th Century. (MS Powerpoint). Overview of developments in
Surgical technique.

Simulating 19th century surgery. External link to an excellent active learning
lesson devised by Andy Harmsworth.

Surgery in the 19th Century

Medicine history – Teaching material in a variety of formats to download from Teachable.net.

Military medicine through time (Online lesson, requires flash) External link
to the NOVA Science programme interactivity on the history of military

Revision Booklet. (MS Word) A simple enough idea. Pupils complete biographies
of key individuals in the history of medicine as homework activities over
the course. This can then be used as part of their revision for the exams.

Have you got a Medicine Through Time teaching activity, worksheet, presentation or video that you would like to share with colleagues? Contact us with details and a short blurb.