19th Century hospitals: How confident could people be of good care?

19th Century hospitals: How confident could people be of good care?

Learning Outcomes:

* To identify the changes that took place in professional medical care
in this period.
* To identify the factors which caused the changes eg role of individuals
(Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, John Hunter), the role
of government, the role of the scientific discoveries.

Video: Who was Florence Nightingale?

Video: Who was Mary Seacole?


1: What do you think the main contribution of Nightingale, Seacole and
Anderson was? Add
your comments to this discussion wall

2) Florence Nightingale: Knowledge
and Understanding task from the National Archives website

3) Using this page about Mary
and this one about Elizabeth
Garret Anderson
, create a glog
about the role of the two women in improving nursing and hospital care
in the 19th century.


The edexcel exemplar scheme of work also mentions John
a well regarded surgeon of the period.