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Recomended Links

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General links

The Wellcome Trust website hosts a large collection of images that are ideal for teaching this course; copies of manuscripts that are excellent source material and an impressive selection of worksheets covering a range of aspects of the development of medicine through time. - an outstanding range of teaching activities.

The Devon and Exeter medical society have produced an excellent website making use of some of the items in their collection. The site contains a number of learning resources and promises to be an outstanding addition to the resources available to teachers as it develops.

BBC Bitesize provides good background information and a series of revision tasks. This is supported by the growing number of clips available in the Class Clips Learning Zone. hosts a very good overview of the key developments in the history of medicine and has a large number of revision activities and lessons on a range of areas relevant to this course.

The Science Museum hosts a number of 'object rich' galleries on medicine through time.

Dan Lyndon provides a large number of excellent resources on his website. is developing into a very handy site for teachers and pupils doing the medicine through time course.

The History Learning Site provides some very good narrative accounts of key individuals, periods and events.

Maggie Krzywicka has produced a wonderful website about Medieval Medicine.

Medical Heritiage. Use the database here to find local examples of medical history. - Some excellent clips on this website relating to a range of social issues. - Head2Head interview for medicine through time.

Intute MedHist. Searchable database of quality sites on the history of medicine, provided by the Wellcome Trust.

Aboriginal Medicine

Healing Secrets of Aboriginal Bush Medicine - this site provides a sound overview of Aboriginal medical practices and the way in which they use natural and supernatural beliefs to deal with medical issues.

Aboriginal art online - detailed site that provides a list of ailments and the ways in which aborigines would treat them.

Aboriginal Bush Medicine heals heart and soul. A news report about modern aboriginal medicine.

Australian Aboriginal Plant Use. Explores the cures used by aboriginals.

Aboriginal medicine. List of bush plants and how they are used in medicine.

Egyptian Medicine

Dummies guide to Egyptian Medicine. Hosted on our blog.

Comparison between Egyptian and Medieval Medicine. Useful breakdown of key features of the two periods.

Ancient Egyptian Medicine. A very detailed and well written account of medical practices in Ancient Egypt.

Medicine in Ancient Egypt. A more academic look at some of the Medical Papyrii of the Egyptian age.

Egyptian Medical Treatments. See how the Egyptians treated a variety of ailments.

Imhotep. Biography on the BBC website.

Greek Medicine

Healer Cults and Sanctuaries - a fantastic resource. This site from the University of Virginia provides very detailed and academic information about healer cults and medical practice in the Ancient World.

From Gods to Galen. Great site on Ancient Medicine.

What are the Four Humors? Series of 3 videos outlining what the theory was.

Dummies guide to Greek Medicine. Hosted on our blog.

Ancient Greek Medicine. Nice overview of the main features of medicine in Ancient Greece.

Hippocrates and the Four Humors. Excellent overview of Hippocratic medicine.

Hippocrates - A Dummies Guide Hosted on our blog.

Roman Medicine - quality lesson on Galens influence.

Dummies guide to Roman Medicine. Hosted on our blog.

Claudius Galen. Biography from The History Learning Site.

The "Greek Miricle" in Medicine. Academic look at Hippocratic medicine.

Etruscan and Roman Medicine. Excellent resource. Part of a larger site on the History of Medicine.

Surgical Equipment from Ancient Rome. Really interesting online exhibition of Roman equipment.

Medieval Medicine

Medieval images - over 1000 images relating to medieval medicine.

Mostly Medieval. A great introduction to Medieval medicine.

Dummies Guide to Medieval Medicine. Hosted on our blog.

A short history of medical careers. A thinkquest unit on Medieval Medicine.

Medieval miricles of healing. A look at 'supernatural' cures and miricles in the middle ages.

The Black Death. Resources on

Medieval Hospitals. A fantastic resource about the Great Hospital, Norwich.

Comparison. A page that compares the key features of Medieval medicine with those of Ancient Egypt.

Islamic Medicine

Islamic Medical Manuscripts. Loads of interesting material about Islamic medicine on this site.

Muslims and Medical history. Extensive set of links.

Avicenna. Documents and sources from Avicenna's works. A combination of original language and translated documents.

Islamic Hospitals. Orginally hosted on the BBC website, this page explores why hospitals flourished under islamic rule in the Medieval period.

History for Kids. Great introduction to Islamic Medicine in the Middle Ages.

Renaissance Medicine

Bodies of knowledge. Looks like a fantastic site covering the development of anatomical knowledge.

Dream Anatomy. Explore anatomical drawings through the ages.

Dummies Guide to medicine in the Renaissance. Hosted on our blog.

William Harvey. Biography on the BBC website.

Ambroise Pare and the birth of the Gentle art of Surgery. Excellent account of Pare's achievements, provided by Yale University.

The Fight against Infectious Disease - lists all developments in the run up to the acceptance of germ theory, going back to 50BC.

Germ Theory. A nice introduction by the Science Museum.

Edward Jenner - Man of Medicine. From the Jenner Museum.

Louis Pasteur. Biography from The History Learning Site.

Robert Koch. Introduction to his work from the Science Museum.

Antibiotics. Hosted on our blog.

Public Health in the Industrial Revolution

Cholera online: a modern pandemic in text and images.

Worst jobs in history. Add the urgh factor to public health lessons by using materials from the worst jobs in history series.

Public Health and Housing. 5 activities from the University of Nottingham on public health.

Dummies Guide to Public Health in the Industrial Revolution. Hosted on our blog.

Woodlands Primary School. Though written for KS2 pupils the notes on this site are a suitable introduction to issues around Public Health at the time.

Pray Remember the Poor Debtors. Part of an online exhibition of medical caricutures of the 19th century. The image is accompanied by a sound explanation of the context.

Archives alive. Source based activities on Cholera.

Role of Women

Nursing and hospitals. Hosted on our blog.

Changing the face of medicine. Discover the way that women have influenced medicine.

Women in Medicine. Explores the changing role of women in the history of medicine.

The story of Agnodice. Intriguing tale of a women who, despite it being ilegal for women to practice, became a physician in Ancient Greece.'s section on women in the history of medicine.

War and women in medicine. Excellent account of the role of women in wartime medicine before, during and after the First World War.

The Revolution in Surgery

Military Medicine through time. From PBD broadgasting.

Dummies guide to the Revolution in Surgery. Hosted on our blog.

Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Victorian Revolution in Surgery. Academic article about the revolution in surgery.

A 60 year revolution in Surgery. BBC article about improvements in surgery.

19th century surgery. BBC Bitesize overview of the revolution in Surgery.

The Welfare State / NHS

The Welfare State. An in depth review of the History of the Welfare State from the BBC.

The Welfare State. Introductory notes on the Welfare State and reasons why some people oppose it.

The National Archives. Explore Cabinet papers to evaluate how realistic expectations of the Welfare State really were.

The Welfare State. Compares welfare provision in a number of developed countries.

The Rise and fall of the Welfare State. Political article about the origins, successes and failings of the Welfare State.

The NHS. Hosted on our blog.

20th Century technology

Twentieth Century technology. Hosted on our blog.

Profiles in Science. Profiles of prominent 20th century scientists and doctors.

Doctor through time. A great way of showing how medicine has changed in the past 100 or so years.

Nobel Prize - Educational games based on nobel prize winners for medicine.

Medical inventions.'s encyclopedia of medical inventions.

A Brief History of medical technology. Simple introduction that links to earlier improvements.

Windpipe transplant success. A medical first.






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